ISE 2015, what a great success!

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Another year, another fair, another stand, and another great participation at this great event in Amsterdam.

Our booth was located in Elicium pavilion, right next to the fair's main entrance, by the KNX stand. This year iSimplex adopted a corner stand with great visibility to the main corridor. The iSimplex eye catcher tower was 3.50 centimeters, which allowed people to easy identify us among the crowd.

On the main wall there was Logic Functions and Multitechnology features with great orange fonts. On the other wall, a huge screenshot of our most ambitious project, the iSimplex redesigned interface.

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New Hardware and New Skins for iSimplex Products

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If you visited us in Amsterdam you already know that the iSimplex solution products image has changed.

The iSimplex Home Server adopted its new hardware in June 2014, the Intel NUC, which has been a great example of stability and reliability. Now, the same thing happened to the iSimplex Media Center.

Besides new hardware, the iSimplex Products also got a new branding changes. Over 10 different types of custom made skins were tested, but none of them fit with the shiny top of the hardware. iSimplex found the right partner with the right solution, a Portuguese company with the most recent technology, which allowed us to find the perfect branding solution for our Products.

New Catalogue

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The New Catalogue was once again presented in ISE 2015, both projects totally integrated in both conception and information.

The most notorious changes come with the new design, which will cover all the iSimplex documentation. The new design standard includes minimal icons, blue and white contrasts, new architecture schemes and also new product photos. The main idea behind it was to increase clearness and simplicity over such a diverse solution.

Our Catalogue was totally rebuilt to the integrator, the person who brings our solution to every new happy family. André Serpa Santos, the iSimplex CEO, wrote a letter which clearly explains the values that drive him and entire company, simplicity, intelligence and flexibility.

Air Play and UPnP

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One of the most recent updates on iSimplex Solution was the integration of Air Play and UPnP. These technologies, which were already included in iSimplex Media Center, allow users to play music stored in their local devices, smartphone, tablet or desktop, directly on each one the iSimplex Music Boxes.

All the new Music Boxes include this technology, however, if you already have an older version, contact your local supplier to know how to upgrade it.


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The multi-technology is one of three major bets iSimplex is taking for ISE 2015, because we do recognize how important flexibility is for the integrator.

So far, the iSimplex’s system integrates over 9 different technologies: KNX, Lutron, Z -Wave, IHC by Schneider Electric, BTicino, Philips Dynalite, AllConverge, IDOM and ONLY among others. iSimplex integrates all this technologies, however only one could be used at a time. With the introduction of Multiple Automation Technologies license, the client has the possibility to integrate 2, 3 or more automation technologies simultaneously in the same solution .

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