General FAQ

Is an Internet connection required for the solution to work?
No, the entire solution works perfectly without internet access, but you won’t be able to access your home remotely. With internet connection in your home, you can:
  • Access your home anywhere in the world
  • Receive auto updates to the iSimplex Home Server (tweaks and new features)
What is the manufacturer of the remaining products to be installed in the Solution?
There is no specific manufacturer. All other Solution products (example: network switch, voip phones, IP video intercom, hard drive, network television, receiver, amplifiers, speakers, etc.) are standard in the market. The integrator has the freedom to tailor the solution to the client's needs.
The interface works on iPad and Android?
Yes, the interface works on any device provided it has access to the computer network of the house. Because it’s a web-based interface, the user can choose the device of his preference and access the interface through the device standard internet browser. So you can use any device, like all iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Tablets, Windows Tablets and PC/Laptops, Linux, etc…
Can you access the interface on a mobile device?
Yes, by any mobile device with an internet browser (almost 100% of market mobile devices). Due to the reduced display size, there is a simpler interface optimized for these mobile devices. Through this interface the user can control all the home services (Home Automation, Scenarios, Alerts, Multi-Room Ambient Sound, Video surveillance, Door Video Intercom). As the interface is fully web based, there is no need to install and configure any application.
What is the solution architecture?
The solution is based on the standard IP network, availably in any home (wired or wireless). All iSimplex equipment will be connected to the computer network and through it will communicate with the products and services of the house. There is no need for special cabling infrastructure. The diagram of the solution is available on the last page of the product catalog.
What is the technical support given to the product?
We take pride in our support, as we believe this is the key to success for all parties. Not only do we provide product support, but we also can help you with the entire automation solution. Besides the e-mail support, there is also a technical support line through Skype, where highly skilled technicians are available to provide support on the easy configuration of iSimplex products. For details, check the Technical Support page.


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